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Why don't more architects put the address on the front of their buildings . Here are Julius shulman's photographs of 315 South Virgil Avenue. They're from "Job 943: Carl Maston, Virgil Apartment Building (Los Angeles, Calif.), 1951".

And here are the interior pictures. The fifth image in the set is an exterior shot similar to the view above, but taken at a later date (judging by the vegetation growth). It doesn't really add anything, so I've left it out.

All from Getty Research Institute

Here's the 1949 building permit which shows that Carl Maston designed, built and owned the apartments.

Online Building Records

The relevant later demo/new building permits aren't available to view online, but there are several for demolition dated December 1989, and three for new construction dated 1990/91. I assume at least one of the latter is for the building which currently stands at 315 S Virgil. I can't say I'm particularly fond of it, but at least they continued to have the address on the front (it's just above the pedestrian).

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