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Originally Posted by HossC View Post
When HenryHuntington identified the location of e_r's recent "mystery location", I went to check it out. The "S-curve" is clearly visible on the 1921 Baist map.
Thanks for this Hoss.

While snooping around in the area I happened across this interesting building. (circled below)


Looking worse for wear, it was no-doubt a fine looking art deco building back in the day.


St. Joseph Grand Lodge, 7101 S. Menlo Avenue


art deco entrance (missing two lighting fixtures)


roof line

Unfortunate about the cheap window replacements.

Also of note in the area (a half block north from the deco lodge) is this auditorium entrance at St. Raphael Elementary School on W. 70th Street.


And here's the other end of the parochial school. (I especially like the bay window. Could this be the principal's office?)



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