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The 1929 amusement map is significant in that it highlights the better known nightspots of the time. Almost all of them presented themselves as legitimate places for dining and dancing while, rightly or wrongly, they also had reputations for being "roadhouses" or "speakeasies" capable of serving demon rum and hosting other vice/s.

Absent personal knowledge, it is hard to say what clubs were strictly legitimate and which may have occasionally strayed from the straight and narrow. For all I know some may have falsely enjoyed a racy reputation, that could have been good for business, at least for a short while. Suffice it to say, there certainly were quite a few supper-dance-entertainment enterprises with interesting names and maybe equally interesting reputations. They include The Cotton Club's predecessor, "The Green Mill" as well as the Jungle Inn, La Fonda Inn, Paris Inn, Marcel Inn,Heigh Ho Inn, Russ Gypsy Inn,the Plantation, the Pom Pom Cafe, the Showboat Cafe, Rainbow Gardens, Villa Inn, Zucca's Inn, Moonlight Gardens, Sunset Inn, Doo Doo Inn, Kit Kat Club, Midnight Frolics, Sneak Inn and the Clover Club.

Directly above the LaBrea Dinosaur is "Cuckoo Clock" on Beverly Blvd. Is it a roadside attraction that tells time or a hoppin hot spot?

Clover Club (8477 Sunset Blvd. above La Cienega Boulevard) Feb 6, 1935

[B]Another speakeasy!, 1929 (Tony's Cafe at 905 First Street)


According to the source, Anne Laskey, this (now demolished) home at 4412 Wilshire Blvd also served as a speakeasy. lapl

In 1930, the Cockoo Clock was located at 7351 Beverly Blvd. Later became the "Katinka." Edit: "The Carolina Pines" was located at 7315 Melrose.

In 1930, the Moscow Inn was located at 8353 Sunset Blvd.

PS: Thank you for the update GW

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