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Max Maltzman

Just across from West Lake Terrace/Wilshire Terrace/Alvarado Court, one-time home of William Desmond Taylor, Edna Purviance, Billy Haines, et al. is the Roxy at No. 357 Alvarado, built in 1929. As it doesn't seem to appear on any of the standard lists of Max Maltzman buildings, I thought I'd highlight it here:



google maps

Note that the permit says that the Roxy was built between 6th and Ocean View. Back in the day Ocean View ran all the way to S Bonnie Brae S Union Ave (with one break), rather than stopping at S Lake, as it does now:


There are so many gems in Westlake, it's hard to leave.

The always reliable Maltzman is better known for the Wilshire Bowl/Slapsy Maxie's (1932), The Ravenswood on Rossmore (1930), the El Cortez (1928) and the Charmont in Santa Monica (1929), the Northmere in Los Feliz (1929) and The Sahara Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas (1952), plus many others.

Paradise Leased has an entertaining recounting of the debacle that was 410 N Rossmore, between William Douglas Lee's El Royale (1927) and Leland Bryant's Country Club Manor (1926). Started in 1930 (like the Ravenswood), also to the designs of Max Maltzman, it wasn't completed for 14 years.


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