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Originally Posted by mishap View Post
CTV really crowds the dial (and the map) with affiliates in Toronto, London, Kitchener and even Barrie with its Hamilton-based repeater. I'd say not to go with Global because of the disaster last time, but maybe Shaw running things would be different than CanWest.
The other option is to look at a partnership with Corus and/or other small owners to see if they can cobble together together a mini-network. That is, if the CRTC allows it. Long ago, they turned down a similar request that included CHCH, saying it wasn't necessary. That group also included CFPL (now with CTV2) and CKNX (now defunct). Safe to say, the CRTC really missed it on that one.
Funny you'd raise CTV in all this...

Why is Bell Media logo on leaked CHCH TV email???

A leaked internal email from CHCH TV has offered a different angle from the troubled little broadcaster trying to compete with the big players in a new technological world.

The note, which was sent to everyone here at CHML, is from a sales person to a client and includes this explanation of recent activities there.

“We just needed to disband the previous company and form a new one where changes could be made, free from old Union employees and their demands and free from carryover debt of CanWest.” (There previous owner).

CHCH says the statement does not reflect the company.

As a person who has been downsized 5 times in my 30 year career, no surprise here.

From the start, I questioned how a bankrupt company could rehire about half of the staff and continue as a new company, as if the old never existed?

But hey, I’m just the talent.

If I was one of those who is floating without a severance, I wouldn’t be spouting the virtues of such an email.

Instead I would be questioning why the email displaying the logo of the cash strapped struggling ‘Channel Zero’, also had the logo of giant media conglomerate Bell Media, next to it?

Are they not two separate competing companies?

Thanks for supporting local media.

I’m Scott Thompson.
Interesting blurb there. XB
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