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The 23rd President visits Los Angeles

Originally Posted by tovangar2 View Post

"When the Board of Education sold this lot [2nd and Spring, site of School No.1], it bought
another, which extended from Fort Street to Spring between
Fifth and Sixth streets and had a frontage of one hundred
and twenty feet on each street."

"Sixty Years in Southern California" (1916) Harris Newmark

The Spring Street School, built 1884 on never-before-built land:

seaver center (n.d.)
The photo below is identified as Los Angeles High School on Ft. Moore Hill, but it is clearly
the 1884 Spring Street School*. There are four horses pulling a carriage, with lots of people
in the street and on the sidewalk. The photo is dated April 22, 1891:

UCLA/Islandora/Seeing Sunset

*However, for a time the 1884 Spring Street School building was used as Los Angeles High School.

So, what happened in Los Angeles that day?

Los Angeles Times,
April 23, 1891@ ProQuest via LAPL

Here's a closeup of the carriage. I bet the guy in the top hat is Harrison.

Benjamin Harrison was the second President to visit Los Angeles. The first was Hayes, in 1880.

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