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City Gardens location

Originally Posted by ethereal_reality View Post
also from The History of Los Angeles County, 1880.

Here's another interesting park....City Garden.

enlarged detail

-note the impressive City Garden Pavilion, constructed in 1877. -each arched entryway says City Garden.

City Garden of Eberle Bros., San Pedro & Kohler Sts., Los Angeles Cal.
It was at what is now the NE corner of San Pedro and E. 8th St.

The 1884 Stevenson Map of Los Angeles shows San Pedro Street with the dashed line. The unnamed street
that crosses San Pedro near the very top center of the map is 7th St. The Eberle property is at the NE corner
of San Pedro and Kohler (note the Kohler property to the east):

Calisphere --

North is on the right. The little house with the long porches, the water tank with shed behind, the bowling alley
and the dancing pavilion (the building on the fold in the map) are all there, almost exactly like the 1880 drawing:

1888 Sanborn @ LAPL
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