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Woolen Mill on Figueroa north of Fifth

Originally Posted by tovangar2 View Post
There's a quote from "Adobe Days" (1931) re this intersection that I've always wondered about:

"Mr Coulter had a woolen mill over the hill near the present corner of Figueroa and Fifth Streets. The old brick walls of this factory may still be seen - the main part of a modern-fronted garage. There was a little stream there called Los Reyes"

One of these days the garage will turn up in a photo....
Looking west across Figueroa at the former Coulter's woolen mill, c. 1931. Its four chimneys make the building easy to identify:


The ex-woolen mill can be seen in front of the Walgrove Apartments in this closeup from a c. 1916 panorama
we've seen before. That's 5th Street intersecting Figueroa at the bottom center of the photo; the 1906 Sanborn
Map gives an address of 439 S. Figueroa for the former mill:


Looking north at the woolen mill, 1876. I've enlarged the photo a bit, but it's still very hard to make out the
few houses in the upper right corner:


Originally Posted by tovangar2 View Post

I would in no way assume that. FW has powers
My powers are very poor indeed compared to yours, t2.

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