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Hey all! General announcement that I think may be of interest to the group. This Thursday evening—November 5th—is a swell fundraiser to benefit Angels Flight:

I'm sure you're all familiar with Fritz Lang's 1931 German Expressionist masterpiece M, replete with darkness and shadow; when it came time for Nebenzal to remake the picture in America, what was more noir than Weimar Berlin? Sunlit postwar Los Angeles is what.

I might add that a certain noirish contributor (ahem!) will be on stage presenting a little song & dance about Bunker Hill, and screening a compilation of some of AF's cinema appearances. It isn't every day you get to see clips from All Jazzed Up (1920) and 1966 Perry Mason episodes on the big screen at the Million Dollar! More information here.

To wet the collective NLA whistle, here are a few screengrabs from the film. There's a lot of Old LA to love. For example, they hang out by the gasometers:

(And remember, this is a brand-new print struck by the Library of Congress, it's going to look amazing up that's Raymond Burr in the fedora.)

They run around the OPP:

...but it's the Bunker Hill location shooting that stands out. As in, rare interior shots of former-home-of-John-Fante the Alta Vista:

And this young lass is roller skating in front of 314-16 S Grand:


She falls and hurts her foot, and nice man helps her up, but this lady, gripped by child-killer fever, runs off to the garage next door to fetch good deed goes unpunished.

(Didn't somebody on this thread once say their parents, or grandparents, ran this garage? Looked for but couldn't find that post.)

This one I wondered about quite a bit when I had my crummy DVD someone ripped off a third-generation Beta tape...but with some higher resolution and a little ingenuity...

Turn the window around to reveal...


The 800 block of W 3rd, which we've seen before.

And on and on...David Wayne lives in the Foss-Heindel; he hangs out on the Third & BHA benches; much of the final third of the picture is set in the Bradbury, where they go about destroying everything, which has to be seen to be believed. More pix here.

But I'll leave y'all with this stumper:

Didn't have any luck with my last mystery location, perhaps better luck with this one.

A nightclub with "NGOV" (?) in its name? Where Clyde Hurley apparently blew his trumpet.
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