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NEW??? 29 Lasalle

This project involves the renovation, redevelopment and adaptive reuse of two prominent adjacent parcels in the center of the downtown Chicago Loop. The northern parcel, 29 South LaSalle Street, is currently occupied by a 12-story, nondescript office building. The southern parcel, 39 South LaSalle Street, features the historic New York Life Building, designed by William Le Baron Jenney of Jenney & Mundie, and completed in 1894.
The project accounts for the demolition and redevelopment of the northern parcel as a new, Class A+ office tower that offers contemporary, efficient floor plates and the latest amenities catering to premier tenants. At the same time, the project converts and revitalizes the New York Life property as a boutique, 200-key hotel. The project also accounts for 260 parking spaces within challenging existing site conditions and limited access.
The overall development ties the two buildings together structurally and integrates them at the base and at the hotel amenity level. However, from a functional standpoint, the properties largely operate independently. On the northern parcel, a large, transparent lobby opens the building base and welcomes tenants and visitors with an interior winter garden and complementary water feature. Stacked immediately above are seven floors of parking, a fitness center, hotel amenities, a conference center, and 42 floors of office space. On the southern parcel, all previous office floors are converted into hotel, with rooms running along the full southern and western facades. Back-of-house spaces and service are organized at the north, and a parking ramp at the building’s southeast corner provides carefully coordinated access to the structured deck on the northern parcel.
The structural feat on this project occurs where the office tower rises above the hotel. Diagonal and V-shaped bracing transfer the office floor loads to the building core as well as columns that run through an existing air shaft at the northern wall of the hotel. This design helps open the base of the office tower, limits the additional structural accommodations by collocating structure within the wall, and offers an outdoor amenity space on level 12 for a green roof.
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