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Here's a slightly clearer view of the mystery building near the High School. USC date this shot at circa 1904-1905. At first I thought there was some writing on the front,
but, on closer inspection, I realized it was the top decoration of the roof of the building in front. The oil derricks are very prominent in the background.

Detail of picture in USC Digital Library

Just below the mystery building is the Broadway tunnel. We've seen it many times on NLA, but usually with stairways suspended over the entrance. This shot gives a good view of the wooden steps on the right.

Detail of picture in USC Digital Library

The sign above the entrance warns of a $50 fine "For Riding Or Driving Through This Tunnel Faster Than A Walk". I'm guessing that $50 was a huge amount of money in 1904/05.

Detail of picture in USC Digital Library

The picture above is part of a three-piece photoset. I managed to successfully merge the second and third images into the panorama below.
As e_r would say, be sure to scroll right . ----------->

USC Digital Library/USC Digital Library

I couldn't get the third picture to merge, but thought I should include it anyway. It fits on the left of the other two.
Originally, this image was quite washed-out. I've done my best to improve the contrast.

USC Digital Library
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