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"Easy Street" (1917)

Originally Posted by ethereal_reality View Post
I thought this because of the odd raised area (see below).

detail / youtube
The "raised area" doesn't bother me. I took it for the fence-topped, stone retaining wall one can see in the 1888 photo.

The water company building itself seems problematic. I actually think the chimneys are there, just kinda ghostly-looking. But the signage now seems to be over the two northern-most windows and the windows have frames (plus the building, but not the chimneys, looks awfully dark, like it's been painted) unlike what we saw in 1888:

USC Digital Library"] (detail of image previously posted by HossC)

I guess this could be set-dressing, but why?

In this aerial detail from 1924 the signage matches the 1888 shot (and the 3 chimneys are still there too):

MR (detail)

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