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Olvera Street

Ok, I think that's the Marie Hammel Building (Hudson & Munsel, 1909) and Italian Hall (Julius Kraus, 1907). This bit of Olvera St was also used in "The Kid" reunion scene as detailed here. Map of Olvera Street.

silent locations


Here's the confirming quote:

"As I explain in my book Silent Traces, Chaplin was already familiar with Olvera Street, as he previously filmed chase scenes from Easy Street (1917) along the same spot."

-John Bengtson in silent locations

.....I may still be confused about this (obviously). Correct me if I'm wrong. Anyway, here's another view:


And plate No. 5 of the 1914 Baist map (sort of) identifying the building at the end of Olvera St (across Macy) in the screen grab:

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