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re: LA City Water Co.

originally posted by Flyingwedge

Originally Posted by AlvaroLegido View Post
Thanks FW. We see the L.A. City Water Company Building « in motion » in Charlie Chaplin's « Easy Street » (1917) at 17:20.

Is this the scene you're talking about AlvaroLegido? (it happens at 17:56 in the version I watched)

A lot of the street scenes in Easy Street look like movie sets to me.

This is the "street scene" you see over and over again in the film. (it gets a bit monotonous)

at the end it's all gussied up with new signs and lampposts.

That said, I believe this is a real building.

(you see this building just once at 17:51, just before the LA City Water Co. view)


What do you guys think?

if interested, here's the link to the film


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