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Originally Posted by ethereal_reality View Post

Here's a fantastic (somewhat over-saturated) Kodachrome slide from the 1950s that I am almost certain we haven't seen before on NLA.

But what about that giant A on the left side of the 1950s slide?

Equally intriguing is the venue on the right side of the 1950s slide. (if you look closely there's a name on the brown awning)

Does anyone know what these two businesses were?
There was a good clue to the identity of the building with the giant A in the post of mine that you linked to, e_r. It contained a quote from an earlier post by Handsome Stranger:

Originally Posted by Handsome Stranger View Post

It's also interesting to note that television station KTLA was situated so closely, as it was then owned by Paramount.
I don't know which picture was being referred to, as that post has lost its images. Here's another I found that shows the whole KTLA building in 1949.

The 1956 CD lists Geller's Men's and Women's Wear at 706 N Bronson. That may be the name on the brown awning.

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