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I'm going to keep this Julius Shulman post quite short because we've been here before. In post #30534, we saw the Bank of America branch just north of Roscoe Boulevard on Van Nuys Boulevard. That photoset dated from 1952, and I'm guessing that the building was a new construction to replace the smaller 1951 branch seen here. This one was at the northern end of the same block, just below Chase Street. Considering that this area was just empty lots in 1947 (see link above), I think that this might have been a temporary location while their own building was constructed down the street. Note the rare shadow of the photographer. This is "Job 1190: Bank of America (Los Angeles, Calif.),1951".

The extant Thrify sign and long-gone Panorama Market sign both appeared in my previous post about this location, but I didn't spot what looks like a Van de Kamps windmill on the Panorama sign last time around. The site of the new (1952) bank is just out-of-shot to the right.

Here's the view looking south, and it includes the second recent appearance of a sign for Old Colony Paints. I wonder whether it was them or the Bank of America who started using an old English typeface first.

Seeing as I mentioned it in my earlier post, I decided to include this close-up of the funfair. The Ferris wheel only seems to have half of its gondolas, so maybe it was still being put together in 1951.

The photoset also includes three interior shots, but they don't look like they're from the bank, and there's no information about where they do come from.

All from Getty Research Institute

Here's where the 1951 Bank of America once stood. It looks like it could be the same building, although the Chase building next door is more recent.


This is roughly the same view as the third Shulman image. It's probable that some of the stores survive from 1951, but the angle makes it difficult to tell which ones. It's a shame that the green median and palm trees got paved over.

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