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Still on Wilshire, this is the Bank of America on the northwest corner of Crescent Heights Boulevard. If it looks familiar, it's because we visited it last month in post #30685 after unihikid tipped me off about the ship logo on the front. At the time I said I'd keep an eye out for it in the Julius Shulman photos, and here it is. The building to the right of the bank is also still standing. These pictures are from "Job 1167: Bank of America (Los Angeles, Calif.),1951".

Here's a reminder of the ship logo. The building immediately to the left of the bank originally housed three separate businesses.

I really think that the Metropolitan Life Insurance Co could have found a better way to space their sign on this side of the bank.

Here's a wider view looking roughly west. The "MWM" on the building to the left of the Bank of America sign stands for Mid-Wilshire Medical.

This little collection of buildings has now gone, so I thought that a close-up was in order. From left to right we have: Modern House furniture and interiors, the Dollar Investment Company, Jane Gibson millinery and dresses, Pauline of Wilshire beauty salon, and Barrett-Kardell accountants and auditors.

It looks like 6399 Wilshire was still under construction in 1952. In the distance is the Fox Wilshire Theater at 8440 Wilshire Boulevard. It's now the Saban Theatre.

All from Getty Research Institute

The bank is now a branch of Wells Fargo - check out the link at the top of this post for a "now" picture. The building to the left of the bank is still standing, but is crying out for someone to tidy it up.


The old Mid-Wilshire Medical building is now a boutique hotel called the Hotel Wilshire. If you look closely, the "MWM" logo is still visible on the west side of the building. Next to it at 6333 Wilshire is the Wilshire Carthay Medical Center.

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