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That Huntington image is well worth a look. Not only is it huge, but there's also a lot more background detail than we could see in e_r's original post.


Originally Posted by unihikid View Post

Hoss , I was driving down Wilshire yesterday and at Cresent Heights is Wells Fargo...however i saw a huge ship on the side of the building, I wish i could of snapped a pic but i was turning north onto Cresent Heights. What caught my eye was the fact that i remember the building next to it was a C and H suit outlet (maybe C and R , im not sure they use to be big before Men's Wearhouse came to be). Hope this helps.
Thanks for the tip-off, unihikid. The Googlemobile last went past in April, and the ship can clearly be seen above the door on the left.


Here's a closer view.

6301 Wilshire Boulevard was a Bank of America in the 1956 CD (the only one I checked). I'll keep an eye out for a vintage picture as I work my way through the Shulman images.
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