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Originally Posted by HossC View Post
Julius Shulman's 1952 tour of Bank of America branches, here's one near Roscoe Boulevard on Van Nuys Boulevard. This is "Job 1385: Bank of America (Los Angeles, Calif.), 1952".

When I first parked the Googlemobile on Van Nuys Boulevard, I didn't think there was much left from the scenes above. Then I spotted a Bank of America sign and went to investigate. It's lost its pylon over the years, but looks virtually unchanged apart from that.

It's really too bad the bank building lost the brick pylon that matched and fit so perfectly with the building's design.

I came across the following two photograph while searching for additional images of the BofA with it's original brick pylon.
The photo below show three of the buildings HossC spoke of in his earlier post....The Thrifty....the Panorama Market (now a Food Giant)....and the Bank of America

and KKK members.

Here are the complete photographs. (both are dated Sept. 15, 1966)

note the business man throwing some sort of liquid at the racists in the bed of the pickup truck.

detail / Panorama Market (with the huge pylon under construction)....or perhaps being refitted into the less graceful Food Giant sign/pylon (see below)

...and as a Food Giant Supermarket. (viewed from the opposite direction)


HossC's earlier post is here:


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