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Continuing Julius Shulman's 1952 tour of Bank of America branches, here's one near Roscoe Boulevard on Van Nuys Boulevard. This is "Job 1385: Bank of America (Los Angeles, Calif.), 1952".

Looking north on Van Nuys Boulevard from just south of Roscoe Boulevard. Under the palm trees is Panorama Real Estate.

On the left, it looks like there's a funfair in the distance.

The third picture is looking south. The flags/banners across the street are advertising the grand opening of Kay's Children's Store at 8434 Van Nuys Boulevard.

All from Getty Research Institute

When I first parked the Googlemobile on Van Nuys Boulevard, I didn't think there was much left from the scenes above. Then I spotted a Bank of America sign and went to investigate. It's lost its pylon over the years, but looks virtually unchanged apart from that.


The Paramount Market building is a now part of a parking lot for Paramount Plaza, but I believe the old Thrifty sign now belongs to Rite Aid.


Looking for the funfair, I decided to visit Historic Aerials. The 1947 view shows no buildings at all on this section of Van Nuys Boulevard.

Historic Aerials

Luckily, there's a 1952 view to coincide with the Shulman photos. I've arrowed the bank. That might be the funfair just below Chase Street on the left.

Historic Aerials

The 1964 and 1967 views show nearly the same buildings, so I've gone for the 1967 image because it's clearer.

Historic Aerials

I'll finish with a current view which shows the large gap between Rite Aid and the Bank of America where Paramount Market once stood. As far as I can tell, it was demolished between 1989 and 1995.

Google Maps
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