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Originally Posted by CityBoyDoug View Post
The Echo Park Pioneer Chicken was named after Pioneer Market, a now-defunct small chain of supermarkets in Los Angeles. The original location in Echo Park was located next to the 1980s era Pioneer Market (the original 1932 market having been torn down in the 1980s) and is (now a Walgreens Pharmacy) on Echo Park Avenue and Sunset Boulevard.
It's really too bad the Pioneer Market was torn down. The other 3 corners (of Echo Park Ave. and Sunset Blvd.) are still anchored by vintage buildings.
The old Pioneer Market site is just a parking lot for the Walgreens, the building itself is set back toward Montana Street.

Here's the old market.


It looks like an Apartment Hotel was torn down as well (for the Walgreens parking lot). Does anyone know the name of this hotel?

The photograph below shows a streetcar turning off the Echo Park Line onto Sunset Blvd., with the Pioneer Market in the background.

site of the old Pioneer Market

aerial. (I'm guessing at the dimensions)


Do you have a vintage aerial for us Hoss?


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