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Leo Katz mural "Youth Arisen", Frank Wiggins Trade School, Los Angeles, 1935.

I posted this is because I was wondering if the mural was still intact at Abram Freidman Occupational School (formerly the Frank Wiggins Trade School)

but then I noticed this side-note in the description:

" The central panel (the one pictured above) was removed from the Frank Wiggins Trade School lobby and returned to the Public Works Administration in 1935.
The other two panels were returned in 1939."
-UCLA Archives

Does anyone there a repository for WPA artwork? I'd really like to know if "Youth Arisen" has survived.

As a reminder, here's the school.

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The Frank Wiggins Trade School. (southeast corner of Venice Blvd. and S. Olive Street)

Here it is today from pretty much the same angle.

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