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Originally Posted by CityBoyDoug View Post
Gym bunny gives his address as a local bowling alley.

This guy is 18?

I haven't been able to find evidence yet of a bowling alley on Hollywood Blvd. at the address given--6624 Hollywood Blvd.

I did, though, find a couple sources that another bodybuilder had one of his gym locations at that address: Bert Goodrich.

1947 Project

The Kress Department Store is at 6608 Hollywood Blvd. and you can see down the street a ways it looks like a sign for "Goodrich Gyms."

An interesting (!) Steve Reeves story and about this gym:

Originally Posted by CityBoyDoug View Post
More 1946 Hollywood bowling alley badness.

In Hollywood's La Cienega bowling alley a familiar story reached its climax on Aug. 7, 1946.
I'm guessing this bowling alley they are talking about is the LA CIENEGA LANES Bowling Alley on La Cienega and Santa Monica Blvd. in West Hollywood?



I did a post titled "100 Years of 1 Corner of the City" found HERE, in which I showed what was located there for the last 100 years.

I recently found this photo of the La Cienega Lanes. The caption was only "La Cienega Lanes" and wasn't dated. It opened with that name in the 40's, subsequently became Art Linkletter's La Cienega Lanes and returned to La Cienega Lanes before it closed down around 1976-77. I'm dating this photo c.1975.

I had no idea of this noir past, CBD.

Michael V. Gallery

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