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WigWag, I had heard the diner was somewhere near the Goldwyn Lot, but that's not saying much. Considering they did little to cover or camouflage other pickup shots, I suspect there really was a diner named Charley's.

Godzilla, pursuant to your comment above, I did a bit of surfing on the web and came up with this. Alas, no location mentioned.


Thanks for the effort. There are listings for Charley's Cafe and Club but so far, no diner. "STEAKS . . . There's a reason."

Maybe viewing the scene again would help The auto in the brief scene appears to have a CA plate, but maybe not. Still, the shot could have been taken anywhere, including places outside of LA, proper.

While looking for info on the Cahuenga Cave I discovered these two unrelated images.

Not for the lactose intolerant?

Stan's Drive-In at Wilshire and Hoover. Undated, but probably early-mid '50s.

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