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This group of snapshots from 1922 show a silent film production on location at Muller Bros. Service Station at 6380 Sunset Blvd. (now the site of the Cinerama Dome).

A young boy watches director Von Stroheim. (this is an amazing shot!)


MISSING -sorry for the inconvenience.

Two actors resting between takes.

I'm curious about by what's across the street. It looks like two large transformers on top of a building.

Here's an enlargement of the 'Barrymore & Stroheim' snap.

I believe that's Mr. Barrymore under that guy's arm. -and what's that tall mechanical thing that almost looks like a dual wig-wag?

and I've enlarged this one to see the background more clearly.

and to get a good look at Sid's socks.

one last enlargement. I thought I might recognize these two performers if I enlarged the photo. (no such luck) -those are some massive oil drums.

Does anyone have an idea what movie they're working on?

To see the Muller Bros. Service Station in 1951 go to GW's post here:


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