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16 Thornton Avenue

Originally Posted by ethereal_reality View Post
I don't believe we've seen this unique building on NLA yet.

It's located in Venice at Speedway and Thornton Avenue.

I've been trying to find a vintage photograph of it, and some further information.
Surely it shows up in some old aerials. (but I haven't spotted it yet)

-are there Sanborn maps available for the Venice area?
Yes there are, er! Below, north is on the left, so 16 Thornton Avenue is on the SE corner:

1918 Santa Monica Sanborn Map @ LAPL

The next previous Sanborn Map is 1909, and it shows nothing larger than a two-story house on any corner of Speedway and Thornton.
There were two small cottages at 16 and, in the back, 16-1/2 Thornton Avenue on the 1909 map.

This April 6, 1912 Southwest Contractor and Manufacturer article must refer to 16 Thornton Avenue:

HathiTrust --;seq=701

Los Angeles County gives a build date of 1913 and an effective built date of 1916 for 16 Thornton Avenue.
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