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There is a new introduction to my inventory of Fremont Place architecture here; the latest house history included is thate of establishment L. A. attorney and classic turn-of-the-20th-century booster Edwin A. Meserve, #82, seen at left above. At right is the John S. Shepherd house, #68. While The Paul Revere Williams Project ( does not list 68 Fremont Place as a project of the great architect, it's conceivable that the house was one of his very early efforts after becoming licensed in 1921—Williams designed a large number of houses in a variety of styles in newly developing Flintridge from the early '20s, including Mediterranean in a vein similar to #68. Given the impression of certain trademark mid-century themes remaining even beyond subsequent renovations of the house, Williams may well have been involved in a circa-1955 remodeling of 68, if not with the original 1923 design. Can anyone here on Noirish shed light on Williams's involvement with the house?
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