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Never Give A Sucker An Even Break...Locations?

I was re-watching Never Give A Sucker An Even Break, which is my favorite W.C. Fields film and I believe his last. The ending features a fast paced, rambunctious scene in which W.C. races through the streets of L.A. to rush a woman to a hospital. There are a lot of outdoor shots and intriguing glimpses of the city, but the scenes move so quickly that it's hard to identify anything.

Does anyone know the locations of any of those shots? One section looks like the Cahuenga Pass, and others look like the Hyperion and/or Glendale Ave. viaducts near the L.A. River.

This Youtube link has the complete film, in excellent quality: The car scene starts at about 1:05:00.

Hyperion viaduct?

Toluca Lake area, maybe Riverside Drive?

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