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Originally Posted by ethereal_reality View Post
We've seen countless photographs looking north on Vine from Sunset (you know, the iconic NBC Radio corner).

But this 1957 photo was taken a bit south of Sunset. It shows a bar on the right named 'The Hangover' with a darkened 'cocktails' sign to it's right,
and there's another sign that says 'Johnny White', (was he a headliner at 'The Hangover' cocktail lounge?)

old file

sopas_ej posted this back in 2011, but there were no follow-ups or questions.

Now days on NLA, we have a tendency to explore minutiae of this sort.... like, who the heck is 'Johnny White'? and who owned 'The Hangover'?

Good stuff like that.
Martin Pal posted a good daytime shot (below). The Hangover was actually on the NE corner of Vine and Leland Way at No. 1456:

Originally Posted by Martin Pal View Post
This is a 1961 photo of the Hangover Restaurant on Vine Street, probably at Selma Ave.
I noticed the photo because of the Seaboard Loans sign which is visible on the outdoor
scenic backdrop of the hotel room when I Love Lucy travelled to Hollywood.

BDiH says the Hangover was one of "Billy" Berg's clubs:

Originally Posted by BDiH View Post
William "Billy" Berg also operated the Bandbox and the Hangover on Vine Street, south of Sunset Boulevard.
(This was in response to a post of Lorendoc's on Berg):

Originally Posted by Lorendoc View Post
The Swing Club (1710 N Las Palmas/6687 Hollywood Blvd) was operated by different mobsters at different times.

In 1945, the FBI was told by an informant that "this establishment is owned by LOUIS MANDRELL and BENNIE MOSS [caps in original], alias MUSCOVITZ. MANDRELL formerly operated an establishment at 634 South Main Street and MOSS still operates the Saratoga Bar, 643 South Main, which appears on the out of bounds list set forth above. JOHN B. KINGSLEY, President of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, has advised that one of the most notorious "clip joints" in Hollywood is the Swing Club. KINGSLEY states that WILLIAM BERG is connected with this club and that private investigators have ascertained that BERG was arrested several times and served two years at McNeil Island [Washington state federal penitentiary] for bootlegging. KINGSLEY stated that in spite of this record BERG had been granted a permit to operate the club and that since he has been managing it there have been numerous arrests for burglary, carrying concealed weapons, and use of narcotics."

The permit likely came from the Southland's representative on the Board of Equalization, William C. Bonelli, at a price.
Lorendoc also quoted your post on the fire at the "ultra-ultra" Swing Club

Check the Billy Berg's wiki page for other clubs he was involved with. Wiki discusses Billy Berg's club at No. 1356 Vine (that would be at the SE corner of DeLongpre and Vine), not 1456, as does the KCET post here, so I'm getting more than a little confused. I don't know if Berg ran both clubs or just the one. Maybe BDiH can explain more. 1456 was demolished. 1356 is still there, the buillding now divided into two (maybe 3?) businesses, a restaurant and a liquor store, addressed 1360 and 1356:


More on 1356 here with all kinds of excellent info

You've been here before e_r.

There's a Hangover matchbook cover here, but my computer's being cranky and won't let me post the photo.

There was/is more on Vine south of Sunset. The Mandarin Market/Hollywood Ranch Market (demolished), much covered here, Villa Elaine at No. 1245, also discussed, Claud Beelman's 1948 Don Lee Mutual Broadcast Building at No. 1313, now the AMPAS Pickford Center for Motion Picture Study (also mentioned). Last, but not least, is Competition Motors at 1219 Vine (demolished) where James Dean's Spyder was getting a last tune-up before Dean drove it away on his last day. While waiting for the car he, his dad, his uncle, his friend, Bill Hickman and photographer Sanford Roth crossed Vine to the Hollywood Ranch Market for coffee and doughnuts. A short telling of the tale is here. Another is here. A long version covering Dean's whole last day is here complete with a sort of annoying video. The wiki page for the events of September 30, 1955 is here.

James Dean in the forecourt of Competition Motors, 1219 Vine St, 30 September 1955. His passenger is Competition Motors mechanic Rolf W├╝therich (W├╝therich survived the crash later that day, but died in another wreck in 1981). Behind them Bill Hickman is at the wheel of Dean's 1955 Ford Country Squire station wagon towing an empty trailer. Photographer Sanford Roth is Hickman's passenger. The Hollywood Ranch Market is at right and the Taft Building is in the distance at Hollywood and Vine:


I found nothing on Johnny White.

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