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I really like that image of Marilyn at Castle Rock t2. I wonder what's happening in that Google aerial?

"Downtown Los Angeles, 1970s."


Do you think that Dictaphone truck is full of secretaries with their dictaphones?

As far as I can tell, the city bus was located at the intersection of Maple avenue and 6th Street. (in the red circle below)


Today, there is a two-story building around the parking lot where the Dictaphone truck was parked (northwest corner).

...but this two-story building looks fairly old to me (yet it's missing in the 1970s slide).

Do I have the correct corner?


Just for fun, here's how much the B.Black & Sons signs has faded since the 1970s.




Interesting V. Hugo menu CBD. So you liked eating liver pate' as a kid.
Once in Chicago, I saw a little kid each a whole plate of tofu. I was pretty impressed.

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