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Originally Posted by ethereal_reality View Post
and I didn't realize MichaelRyerson had already spotted the alley view of the cyclorama. I thought I had really discovered something. oh well....
Right click on any photo for a Google image search. That's how I found MR's post

LAT on the very noiry history of Indian Alley/Werdin Place

Werdin and Winston looking south. John Parkinson's 1909 Canadian Building on the right (site of our first Federal Building/P.O. as Flyingwedge explained). 118 Winston (1887) on the left:


Werdin Pl looking north towards E 4th St. From left, The Hellman Building, the 1897 Van Nuys/Barclay Hotel, The San Fernando Building (1907) and the Jeffries (1927). Substation #2 was on the east side of this section of Werdin. Looks like an expansion of the Edison Building took it out:


I don't know why Werdin is gated (?)

The Edison Building is still there:
Originally Posted by MichaelRyerson View Post
The Edison Electric Company General Office Building, 120 E. 4th Street, 1904

The Edison Electric Company General Office Building at 120 E. 4th Street. "Sammy" Darnell, foreman, is standing by the entrance to Werdin Alley. Clate Bigg's wagon is down the street." (Sam Darnell was Westside Lighting Company's first lineman, in the mid-'90's, before it evolved into the Southern California Edison Company) This dark building on the right edge predates the San Fernando Building by about four years but the San Fernando Building will go in here and be addressed on the corner of Main and 4th Streets. The alleyway (shown on some maps as Werdin Place) runs between the Edison Building and what will be the San Fernando Building. Down the street, the first building beyond the Edison, with the light colored facing, is the Venice Hotel (soon to become the Hotel Granam) and the slightly shorter, darker Hotel Newport, on the corner of Los Angeles Street. The cameraman has his back to the southeast corner of the Hotel Westminster.

Southern California Edison Photographs and Negatives, Huntington Digital Library
Complete with ghost sign (the former Venice Hotel is still there too):


A word on the Venice Hotel. It still houses LA's oldest bathhouse, since 1905 (or there abouts):

"Turkish & Electric Baths (now KLYT) – 132 E. 4th Street LA, CA 90013
If it’s more dirt that you’re looking for, walk down to LA’s oldest bathhouse that still operates today and has hosted many a closeted movie star. Most men only bathed once a month at the turn of the century. LA never funded public bathhouses, so the private sector swung into action. You can still see the broken neon sign proclaiming BATHS high above the doorway."

- outtraveler

Hotel (west entrance) and Baths (east door) and some once-was neon:


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