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A.C. Martin, Sr

A.C. Martin, Sr (1879-1960) is known for his monumental civic and commercial buildings. He also took residential commissions.

Recent reports of the destruction of the charmingly-asymmetrical, 1914 Oswald Bartlett house in Los Feliz referred to it as only one of two (or a "few", in one report) A. C. Martin residences left.

Info on the doomed fight for the Bartlett here, here and here.


CBS Los Angeles gives the name of the other A.C. Martin residential design as the 1914 Ganahl House, 232 St Andrews Place South. I am so glad I found it. It's stunning. A Prairie-style exterior gives way to a Craftsman interior, complete with a floor-to-ceiling Batchelder-tile fireplace in the main room. A great small (3bd/2ba) house. Check out that tiara-like chimney. Redfin published 18 MLS photos (including historic shots). Here's a few. The rest at Redfin :

Thx to MichaelRyerson for the nice, misty 1932 photo of Temple and Broadway (see below). The civic buildings, left to right: the Hall of Justice, the old Federal Building/P.O., the Bank of Italy building (housing the City Health Dept) and the old Courthouse with its three towers (the clocktower and two much smaller ones) removed and capped off (although rather obscured in this view). The Courthouse may have looked like it was built for the ages, but it was really kinda fragile.

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