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Originally Posted by Wig-Wag View Post
Here we have a Los Angeles Transit Lines H-type car inbound at 7th & Figuroa Streets.

from Wig-Wag's Personal Collection.
So glad you were the successful bidder Jack! This is a marvelous snapshot.

Directly behind, and obscured by the transit car is the recently discussed Optimo Cigar Store (later Union Rent-A-Car).

below: Here we see old Optimo Cigar Store as a luncheonette. (I think we have probably seen this view on NLA....but not this large .-and we prob. overlooked the small cigar store bldg.

old file

I decided to go back and look at the Optimo Cigar Store again. I didn't realize it had a lunch counter as well.

I've decided to post this close-up to savor all the little details. I love little places like this.

USC a reminder, here it is again as the Union Rent-A-Car.


Of course, as we discussed before, it's gone.

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