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Originally Posted by Flyingwedge View Post

The Detroit Publishing Company produced a panoramic photo of Los Angeles in 1899, taken from the County Courthouse.
We've seen 2/3 of it; the right 1/3, looking SW, has been posted here previously, and I just used part of it in my 1st Street
Cut post above:

We've also seen the left 1/3, which looks SE:

But I don't believe we've seen the middle panel . . . or have we? I have sought but not found it.
Originally Posted by JScott View Post

I believe this may be the missing view, however it is in photochrom format. I would love to find it in its unaltered state.
Originally Posted by JScott View Post

We may never know for sure, but there are some hints in the respective photos that suggest they were taken at the same
place and perhaps the same time.

I agree, it's not entirely convincing, but it's been enough for me to believe for some time now that the photochrom was,
indeed, the missing link between the other two images.
I've studied the image that includes Court Hill many times, and looked at the other Shorpy image more than once. By a
complete coincidence, I happened to look at the Wikimedia image yesterday when I didn't recognize its filename or thumbnail
view while I was looking through images on my computer. It never occurred to me that all three could be connected.
I think you've convinced me, JScott.

Below, I've desaturated the center (Wikimedia) image, and scaled the two images on the left to match the one of the right.
I've also tweaked the levels and painted out variations in the sky. Other than that, the images have not been distorted in any way.

All three images are available at much high resolution (see links below panorama) if anyone fancies doing a more detailed
stitching job.
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