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The advert below is from the August 1905 edition of The Pacific Monthly.


This is just a few months after the Lexington Hotel had changed owners. This clipping is from the April 16, 1905 edition of the Los Angeles Herald.

California Digital Newspaper Collection

Not too long afterwards, the Lexington became part of the Hotel Rosslyn. This 1907 image is from 'Historic Hotels of Los Angeles and Hollywood' by Linda McCann, Dace Taube, Claude Zachary, Curtis C. Roseman.

As soon as I saw the "Brents" and "H Raphael Co" signs in the image above, I remembered this picture that e_r posted just over a week ago. My reply naming some of the businesses can be found here. Note that the building under construction in the picture below (the Brennan Hotel) is complete in the image above.

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Take a look at that precarious scaffolding. Obviously there's construction going on...but that seems ridiculously tall.
-also note the white house with the turret next to the construction. -anyone recognize the house? It looks like a real charmer.
Then, while checking for previous mentions of the Lexington, I came across a detail of the image below in post #15197 by Flyingwedge. The title is "Panoramic view of Los Angeles, looking north from the Huntington Building, ca.1904".

USC Digital Library

The three houses together in the foreground indicate that this was taken before e_r's picture. It also shows the "white house with the turret" that e_r described as looking like "a real charmer".

Detail of picture above.

My reply in the link above also mentions the Silver Republican Club (below). In post #26414, tovangar2 suggests that this is their clubhouse at 318 W 2nd Street, but now we have this better picture, I think there are enough similarities to say that this house was at 533 S Main. Note that in the 1907 image above, the house still stands, but its front yard has been replaced by a couple of small shops.

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Here's a bit of a mystery (to me anyway...I've never heard of a Silver Republican Club)

Los Angeles 1909

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