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Playa del Rey streetcar

Originally Posted by Handsome Stranger View Post


KCET says this photo was taken in Redondo Beach in 1939. I see so many oil derricks in the distance that I question whether that's accurate.
Originally Posted by HenryHuntington View Post

I'm not precisely sure where this photo was taken, but it's definitely the Redondo via Del Rey line. Each bracket arm that carries the trolley wire is hung from one pole but spans both tracks, and this arrangement was unique to this line.

The Newport-Balboa line did have some beachfront right-of-way on a "shelf" adjacent to Pacific Coast Highway in Huntington Beach (now a bike path), but the trolley wire was suspended conventionally. -- HEH
Thanks for confirming my suspicion, HEH. That photo looks like it was taken in the Playa del Rey/Surfridge area. I believe the cars atop the bluff in the photo are parked along Vista del Mar.

Ivalee Street is one of the streets lost to LAX; it was about three blocks north of that little park that's still on the east side of Vista del Mar. This 1940 photo (which I lightened up a bit) looks north from the foot of Ivalee. The KCET photo must have been taken from a little north of this spot; we see that stepped groin in both photos:



The sign in the distance on the right side of this 1928 photo advertises Palisades del Rey, which was north of Surfridge in Playa del Rey. USC says this photo looks south on Vista del Mar from Hyperion Avenue; it actually looks north, perhaps from near the Hyperion Sewage Plant. You can just make out the mast arm for the wires on the first pole on the left:


This aerial view looks north at the same area. LAPL dates the photo 1947, but it's a lot closer to 1927. You can see the streetcar tracks between the ocean and Vista del Mar:


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