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I've always been interesting in the many actor and actresses who appear to be on the cusp of stardom, and then something derails their dreams.

While thumbing through an issue of Hollywood Filmograph (1932) this striking photograph caught my eye.

Yet I drew a blank on the name, so I typed his name into IMDB, but came up with nothing.
So what happened to Joe Roig's starring role in 'Laughing Boy'?

Well, it turns out Universal Pictures abandoned 'Laughing Boy' , and MGM picked it up and replaced Mr. Roig with silent film star Ramon Navarro.

below: Ramom Novarro reading 'Laughing Boy'.

I'm hoping someone here on NLA will be able to dig up some more information on my 'man-crush' Joe Roig.

Hollywood Filmograph mentions that he had appeared in earlier films.*

*They even mentioned one of his previous films by name, 'Tiger Shark'
..but he isn't listed as one of the cast on IMdB.(and IMdB says it's a complete list)

Tiger Shark (1932) cast list

It's too bad they didn't cast a Native American for the part.
They no doubt needed a box office draw -thus the lead role going to Ramon Novarro
(in fact, that's probably why Joe Roig lost the part)

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