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It took me a bit to get my bearings, until it dawned on me that the construction in the distance (on the left) is for the Unocal Headquarters which was built in 1957.
But I want to direct your eye to the large building with the row of arched windows in the upper left hand corner.

I assumed the building was gone.....

....and replaced by this nondescript glass box.

view from the 5th street overpass


-looking south from S. Beaudry Ave.

But after looking at it from several angles, I think there's a possibility that the old building might be beneath all that glass.

below: Here's a vintage aerial view showing the building in question.


This contemporary aerial shows that the 'new' building has the same basic L shape.


-and I think from this angle you can see both the old and the new.


What do you guys think? Am I on the right track?

(I'm going to be extremely embarrassed if we've already discussed this on NLA)

One last thing:

Here's almost the same exact view as the postcard at the beginning of my post,
..except it's night (obviously ), and the construction of the Unocal Headquarters is finished.


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