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I could have sworn we'd seen this picture before, but a quick search turned up no previous mentions. The Bel-Rio Hotel Apartments were at 711 S Rampart Boulevard. It look like this picture is dated 1978.


Despite the earthquake worries in the caption, the building is still there, although it now seems to be called Greenwich West.


The old name still survives as a ghost sign on the gable wall, although I had to go back to 2009 to get a shot that wasn't obstructed by trees.


Before I finish with the Bel-Rio, I thought I should do a little digging to find out how old the building is. A couple of property sites give a build date of 1924. The original name seems to have been the Blasdel Arms, which appears in several of the CDs up until 1942. Imagine my surprise when I took the Googlemobile around to Hoover Street and found a ghost sign with the Blasdel Arms name still visible on the back of the building.

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