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Here's an undated postcard of the Razzmatazz Motel at 821-823 South Beach Boulevard, Anaheim.


I'm trying to work out the history of the place. An article on says:

"Known from 1961 to 1994 as the Razzmatazz Motel and Dinner Theater, it acquired a fearsome reputation when it closed. Anaheim Code Enforcement called it the worst motel on Beach because of all the drug dealers and homeless people who moved into its carcass."

Yet a page on indicates that it was the Bahia Motel in the '60s. Another article suggests that it was still known as the Bahia Motel into the '70s, with the Razzmatazz name appearing in the early '80s. There's a similar postcard to the one below at which has a 1969 postmark.

Just when I thought I was getting the timeline straight, I came across the postcard below. The site where I found it has it captioned "Razzmatazz Motel (early 1970's)". The size of the palm trees makes me think that the King Henry VIII Motel was an incarnation between the Bahia and the Razzmatazz.

At some point since the Razzmatazz closing, it's reopened as the Covered Wagon Motel. The sign nearest the camera in the first postcard shot has gone, as have the castellations on the white building on the right (I'm assuming that it's the same building) and some of the palm trees. What hasn't changed is the main sign. I had to go back to 2011 to get this clear view from a similar angle to the Razzmatazz postcard - JoNo's Pizza is now Giovanni's Italian Restaurant.

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