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Thanks to Ed Workman for identifying the San Pedro Street location of the Red Car picture I posted, and to Lorendoc for giving me the name of the bicycle company in the background.


When I found this picture of the Baine Studio Apartments on Hollywood Boulevard last night, I didn't remember them appearing on NLA. A quick search showed me that e_r had in fact posted a "then and now" comparison way back in post #320.

USC Digital Library

The "then" picture posted by e_r dates from the 1930s, and shows the building with a Bank of America sign on the roof. The picture above is dated 1927 (the building was completed in either 1926 or 1927 depending on which source you believe), and shows it as the Hollywood and Whitley branch of the Merchants National Trust and Savings Bank. The advert below the picture is a page header from the 1929 CD.

Detail of picture above/LAPL

An article on says this of the "little room" that e_r expressed an interest in:

"The building's penthouse was the private domain of Colonel Harry Baine, for whom the building was first named. He was an entrepreneur who served a year as Los Angeles County supervisor. It was he who commissioned the building and gained fame for bragging that he was the first person on Hollywood Boulevard to live in a penthouse."
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