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Originally Posted by ethereal_reality View Post
Los Angeles High School Football Team, ca. 1908.


Nice looking group of young men, but my eye kept wandering over to that church in the background.
-Does anyone recognize that church?

Well so I was just lurking about and saw that photo and my first thought was, "I wonder if that was taken at Fiesta Park?" Then my curiosity got the better of me . . . .

1906 Sanborn Map @ LAPL

This is the NE corner of 12th and Hope. The text in the lower left corner says the spire is 50 feet; the 1950 Sanborn says the spire is 60 feet.

LAPL says this 1918 photo that includes the church shows buildings on Hope Street, but it actually looks west on 12th Street (you can tell by the mid-block alley):

The church had not yet been built when this 1902 aerial photo was taken:

But you can see the church in this post:

I also checked . . . the church is in the 1952 photo but absent from the 1964 photo.
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