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2014 Adds A San Francisco’s Worth of Skyscrapers and 44,825 Units to NYC’s Development Pipeline

In 2014, permit applications were submitted to construct 44,825 units across the five boroughs, which is a dramatic increase from 2013′s 22,915 housing units. Brooklyn, the city’s most populous borough, led the way, with the number of new units entering the pipeline jumping from 8,473 to 19,355. Queens’ total also more than doubled from 4,316 to 9,367.

Gains were also significant in the other three boroughs, with Manhattan coming out on top. There, 2013′s total of 6,528 rose 70 percent, ending up at 11,113 for 2014. Numbers in the Bronx and Staten Island grew from 3,140 and 458 to 4,253 and 720, respectively.

Hotel activity saw a similarly large increase, with builders filing plans for 8,951 new rooms in 2014. That is a 73 percent increase over 2013′s already-impressive 5,185 new rooms.

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