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It's difficult to tell. I got the 1943 date for 1260 W 2nd from Their listing for 1262 W 2nd (the building highlighted by CBD) gives a build date of 1921, which means it must have existed when the USC picture was taken. That ties in with the Advance Electric Company's first listing in the 1923 CD, even though that's at 1260 W 2nd and nothing is listed at 1262 in the 1932 or 1936 CDs (the next two after the photo was taken). The 1932 CD shows a radio set supplier named F W Falk [sic] at 1260 W 2nd, and an animal hospital run by Walter L Curtis at 1264 W 2nd, which I'm assuming is the house on the right of the USC picture. By 1936, Fritz and Fred Falck's surname is spelled correctly again.


Here's what the Falcks were selling in the June 1929 issue of 'Radio News'. (PDF file)

Moving on to the LA Adding Machine Company, here are the companies that appear at 1260 W 2nd Street in the 1960 CD (only the first three are in the 1956 CD). I can't see any listings for 1262 or 1264 W 2nd.


Back to CBD's question, here's USC's head-on view from 1931.

USC Digital Library

I'm trying to work out if the house opposite, with the hideous front extension, could be the one seen in the reflection.


I hope this extra information can help someone decide whether the original Advance Electric Co building survives behind the current 1262 W 2nd Street frontage. After taking the Googlemobile up Emerald Street to view the roofs, I'd say it's possible, but I'm not 100% sure.

BTW, I think the house on the hill in the background of the USC pictures is the same one that appears at the top of the hill in old shots of the Belmont Tunnel, like this one posted by FredH in his Belmont Tunnel...Through the Years post.

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