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Originally Posted by amybang View Post

Also, wouldn't it be great if the Peterson had a recreation of that old service station as a display? I don't recall seeing something like that last time I was there.
You can take a 2012 tour of three floors of the Petersen Automotive Museum using Google Streetview. They don't have a recreation of the service station that was once on their site, but they do (did?) have this Richfield service station.


Until recently you could also have seen their slightly scaled down version of the Bulldog Cafe.


Just like the original, the Petersen's Bulldog has had to make way for something more modern. That could've been the end, but preservationist Bobby Green stepped in and saved it. You can read the story at The Bulldog Cafe's new home will be the patio of the restored Idle Hour Cafe on Vineland Avenue when it reopens next year. We discussed the Idle Hour Cafe in October - see post #24095, post #24100 and post #24107.

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