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Originally Posted by Handsome Stranger View Post

[source: Paramount Pictures]

It certainly looks as though this was a public street right up to the gate at Bronson and Marathon. It's also interesting to note that television station KTLA was situated so closely, as it was then owned by Paramount. (Any guesses as to the name of the cafe seen behind Norma Desmond?)
As has already been pointed out, this part of N Bronson is no longer open to the public or the Googlemobile, but it appears to have been the 700 block. That means that the café must have been Oblath's at 723 N Bronson. It appears in the CDs from 1929 until 1973, with the earlier ones giving its owner's name as Izso Oblath.

Originally Posted by ethereal_reality View Post

*I just re-read Handsome_Stranger's post. He places the old Paramount gate at Bronson and Marathon. (so Valentino Place used to be that correct?)
Historic Aerials has images from 1948 and 1952 (just either side of 'Sunset Boulevard'), so I went for the earlier 1948 view because it's clearer. The café is just to the left of the "N" of the upper "N Bronson Avenue" label. Could that be e_r's United Service Station on the corner of Melrose and Van Ness? The Valentino Place apartments in e_r's later post also appear on the image below. It looks like Marathon Street used to go all the way across to Van Ness, with a little kink before it reached N Bronson. Both Historic Aerials and Bing Maps show Marathon Street continuing west of N Bronson, with N Valentino Place being the north-south street to the left of the apartments.

Historic Aerials
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