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Originally Posted by ethereal_reality View Post
I just came across these two photographs of a gas station at 5301 Melrose Avenue.
The site today is a Paramount Studio parking lot.
Nice find! I've wondered about that Southeast corner of the Paramount lot, in part because of how much it has changed from the way it looked in Sunset Boulevard.

[source: Paramount Pictures]

It certainly looks as though this was a public street right up to the gate at Bronson and Marathon. It's also interesting to note that television station KTLA was situated so closely, as it was then owned by Paramount. (Any guesses as to the name of the cafe seen behind Norma Desmond?)

The little cafe on the corner still existed in 1961, as can be seen in this aerial shot from The Errand Boy:

[source: Paramount Pictures]

When did Paramount take over this block to add a parking lot? The magnificent Bronson gate still exists but it's quite difficult to see from Melrose Ave.

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