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Samuel Calvert Foy was born in Washington D.C. in September of 1830. He came to Los Angeles prior to June 1860 where he appears in the 1860 Census as being in the saddlery business with an older brother, John Foy. He and his wife Lucinda appear in the 1880 Census in Los Angeles with their five children. Their residence at that time was 489 Pearl Street, (later Figueroa) Los Angeles. Mr. Foy appears in that census as being a harness maker. An 1894 directory shows the family at 651 S. Pearl St., with his shop at 315 N. Los Angeles Street. That directory indicates that Mr Foy also made tents.

In 1900 the family was living at 651 S. Figueroa. By then they had a Chinese cook named Ah Luey. Mr. Foy was, at some point. the Chief of Police for Los Angeles.

A directory from 1907 lists Mr Foy's harness and saddlery shop as being at 315 N. Los Angeles Street. It lists it as his "estate". Mr Foy died in April of 1901

The house he and his wife built in 1872, which was originally located at 7th and Figueroa, was noted to be the first three story house in the city. At some point, the house was sold and moved to 631-633 S. Witmer. It was across the street from Good Samaritan Hospital and in the 1980's the building was donated to Good Samaritan. In the 1990's the house was moved a third time and is now located at 1337 Carroll Avenue in the Angeleno Heights district. It is the house featured on the "Charmed" TV series.

The early addresses come from the Censuses and from directories and the information about the house comes from Wikipedia.

S.C. Foy is still in the business of leather goods today. They have a website
The Foy House at 1337 Carroll Avenue. I've never watched 'Charmed', but you can see the Charmed Wikia page about the house here.

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