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430 B line

Originally Posted by WBC View Post
...I used 430 a few times before Canada Line opened. However, with Canada Line this route is completely pointless.
Yes, absolutely, that said as noticed by VivaPhysicality, the 430 also ensures connection between South East Vancouver and North East Richmond: That is basically the only reason for its patronage, but that is not its "raison d'etre" which is political (direct connection between Brighouse and Metrotown), but practically useless... and could be even more useless with a optimized route 49 as suggested by Translink but nastily fighted by the City of Vancouver ( see here) or even along the line suggested by xd_1771.

Rather than wasting money by duplicating service, I certainly think there is better value for the money in the below proposal (route renamed 630):

see for more detail...and associated local Richmond plan

You will note in the above map, an express route(411) duplicating the 410:

Originally Posted by Tetsuo View Post
I think 22ND - Richmond Centre would have been a better route for a Bline. The 410 is always busy
As WarrenC12, I fully agree with that: that is the route named 411 in the map above

Notice, that by short cutting Queensborough/Fraserwood, you provide a dramatic advantage for an express/B route as seen here

20 B line
I also think it is a proposal heading in the wrong direction:
average trip length along Commercial/Victoria (anchored by Broadway) are not long enough to have a B line providing a meaningful time saving vs a local bus line (there is also the issue to allow bus over taking on a somewhat narrow Commercial Drive which would like also have bike lanes)...and bus again empty up at the corner of Commercial/Hasting.

rather than this expensive but relatively useless 20B line, I think it is much better to rationalize the existing bus route, e.g, bus stop consolidation and bus lane in the Commercial Drive section:

(see also here)

Also the route 20 should be expanded up to Knight bridge (where it can loop with the Fraser bus), this to provide better connection between South east Vancouver and North East Richmond.

Add to this ill conceived B line proposals, the Surrey LRT which Translink study has shown the inanity, and the refuse to include the Burnaby Gondola in despite of studies showing to be a much superior solution to buses, all that to fullfill parochial wishes...It starts to be lot of flaw in the Mayor plan...

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