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Another eBay find - The Occidental Apartments in 1924. The seller has the picture incorrectly labeled "Occidental Hotel", which is a completely different building that has appeared many times on NLA.


A look through the CDs gives an address of 911 Diamond Street, a street which wasn't immediately familiar to me. It looks like I'm in good company, as the only other NLA mention of the Occidental Apartments I can find was in post #1429 when e_r posed the question "Where the hell was Diamond Street?" (he was answered by Los Angeles Past in the very next post). The 1921 Baist map below shows the Occidental Apartments roughly halfway between Fremont and Figueroa.

The detail below is from a picture in the 1955 blimp series which I've used several times before. Diamond Street is at the bottom of picture, just right of center. The Occidental Apartments building is still there halfway up the left side of the street, although the 1956 CD suggests it had changed its name to the Rex Apartments. I've just compared this image to the map above, and it looks like the section or Court Street between Figueroa and Flower never existed as anything more than a steep pedestrian track.

Detail of picture in USC Digital Library

I'm surprised I'd never heard of Diamond Street because I've posted about the intersection of Figeuroa and First and the intersection of Figeuroa and Temple. The section of Diamond Street where the Occidental Apartments once stood appears to be the only part that survived the clearance of Bunker Hill and the building of the Harbor Freeway. I've tried to approximate the 1955 picture above using Google Earth. Diamond Street is again just right of center at the bottom, and is now lined with trees. I'm struggling to find much that survives from the original picture.

Google Earth

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